Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. We went on our annual fall camping trip this past weekend. And here's our annual family picture in front of our cabin. Three out of four isn't bad, I don't think.

2. This one got sick the second day. (Picture from the fourth day, after the fever had broke.)

3. Prior to this, I'd never seen 104.3 on a thermometer before. Yep. I called the doctor.

4. She still managed to get some bike-riding in. In between the naps and many movies she watched. Good thing I came prepared for rain because she watched every movie and cartoon I brought.

5. She was sick last week, but thankfully was fine in time for camping. She loved it. Loved running around in her froggy boots, playing on the playground, riding backs and eating crap. Yep. She pretty much existed on cheese puffs, chips, marshmallows, a pizza pie and some fruit. Sadly for her, it's back to regular scheduled eating habits this week.

6. The cabins are tiny. Cozy, but tiny. Even though Mackenzie started off the night in the pack and play next to me, she ended up in my bed each night. And she's a pillow hog. And if her head wasn't pushing mine off the pillow, she was laying her head on top of mine. And that's just not comfortable.

7. Michael knew the girls would end up in bed with me. (Last year, they both slept with me every night.) So he slept on the futon. Emma slept there too, except for the one night she slept in my bed. She also fell off the futon early Monday morning. I heard a thump, yelled crap and jumped out of bed. She did not enjoy that.

8. The futon is also where Emma spent a good chunk of her time, taking naps and watching movies.

9. All Mackenzie wants to do is ride bikes. But she can't because she can't reach the pedals. This was Michael's solution.

10. Even with Emma sick and all the rain, it was still a good camping trip. We all got naps in, got to eat pizza pies and roast marshmallows. I made Brunswick Stew. We went on walks, they rode bikes and played on the playground. It was good.

PS, this bench made me laugh.

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Marie said...

so glad she is feeling better-there is a boy who lives two doors down from us that is being treated for H1N1. I am FREAKING OUT.