Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Emma started preschool today. Originally, I wasn't worried at all about her crying when I dropped her off. Then she started saying she would miss me and that while she would go to preschool, she didn't want to go alone. I wasn't quite sure how it was going to go.

2. We started off the day with cinnamon rolls. Michael asked, "Sure those aren't for Mommy, not Emma?"

3. In the car at preschool. In case you couldn't tell, she'd been crying. We had a little disagreement over clothes and hair this morning. I'm sure it wasn't the last.

4. Walking in. I didn't do too good of a job with this one.

5. Finding her name and putting it on the board. Each child picks out a color and shape that is their's for the year. Emma picked purple triangle. When they arrive, they find their name on the chair and put it on the magnetic board. They also find their name tag, same color/shape and put that on.

6. Just before I left. I had to give the teacher her extra clothes and drop off the apple. (We got homework at orientation, an apple to put her picture on and write about her favorites. It'll go up on a tree with the other student's apples.)
7. She said cheese for me, then "Bye Mommy! Bye Mommy! Bye!" Seriously. I think she was trying to get rid of me!
8. Picked her up at 11, Mackenzie couldn't wait to see her. Although from this picture, she does seem to be trying to escape.

9. Each day, the students names are hanging from different pegs and they have to find their name to hang their coat and/or backpacks. Great way to get them to recognize their names, especially Emma since there's another Emma in her class, she'll need to know her last name when she sees it. I was trying to take a picture of Emma next to her name, but instead it was Mackenzie saying cheese. Not long after, she ripped down the name tag to the above left of her head. Awesome.
10. With her name hang tag. She loved preschool. According to her, she was a line leader, went potty and washed her hands, played in the water table. Some kids took the toys out and put them on the doll house and the teacher told them no. She looked at books while waiting for Mommy.
11. Also, Grandma McIntyre came over. We went to Penn Station for lunch. Caroline and Jack came over in the afternoon. Birthday ice cream next door for dessert. It was one heck of a day for Emma. :) And Mommy, too.
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Missy said...

mmmmm hair and clothes wars in the morning. I know what that's like. Way to go Mama!! You did it! I mean- Way to go Emma!! You did it! hee hee

Marie said...

oh so glad she had a good day...and i totally forgot to tell you-there is now a Penn Station at Chapel Hill!!! I was so excited to see it!!

Julie said...

So sweet! I'm glad she's having fun!