Monday, December 10, 2007

Tree Time

Before I get to the Christmas tree, I have to share this picture of Emma. We think it's just hilarious how she sleeps with her butt up in the air. Something she's been doing for a long time actually. I have no idea how it's comfortable, but i guess she thinks it is.


Wednesday night we went and got our tree. Holy cow, it was cold. It was the fastes tree picking ever. I had Mackenzie all bundled up in her red snow suit that Erin, a student of Michael's, got her. She still didn't like being out there though!
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Friday night we decorated the tree. Emma definitely enjoyed this. She first tried to help Michael with the lights, then she was my assistant, handing me ornaments - faster than I could hang them. Her favortie thing though, is the train. She loves it. Mackenzie just hung out in her bouncy seat watching, perfectly content.
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Marie said...

i see why you need to know the size of my banner ;)

i will go check, but i think it is something like 3x6...i had to crop a lot out...

Renee said...

super cute pics!! what is marie talking about up there?? :-)