Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thank goodness for high school girls

We went to the basketball game Tuesday night. I will be completely honest - my going totally hinged on Maggie being there to chase Emma. Thanks Maggie. And Maggie had help from Trisha, and Erin pitched in too. But Maggie bore the brunt of the work. Chasing Emma all over. Oh, wait, except for the time she let her run on the court at halftime while the cheerleaders were doing their dance. Yep. My face got bright red and hot as I watched my daughter gleefully run all over the court while everyone laughed. :) It was pretty funny, though.

Here's Emma mid-run. She ran back in forth in front of bleachers. Never getting tired.

See Trisha down at the end? She and Maggie got smart and each stood at one end to catch her.

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Darcy said...

she is so big!! she's got long legs now!!!