Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas happenings

So I had planned on this nice long post talking about how fun Christmas was this year. But I haven't yet done it. And since it's now over a week since Christmas, I probably won't get to it. Here are the highlights though:

Christmas Eve at my Mom's. Emma loved her boots that her cousin Shelby picked out for her. As well as her Little People farm. She also got a table and chair set from my mom that is being used daily, and quite often.

Christmas Morning. Emma was SO excited when she saw her kitchen. In fact, all we hear all day long is "Play kitchen!" As well as Play Train (another gift from us), Play Barn (as in Little People Farm) and the stand-by, Play Dora's House. As you can see, Mackenzie slept through the whole thing. And yes, her stocking says Michael. We didn't get her one because I've decided to make stockings for all of us this year. With my Mom's help, of course. A lot of help. :) Got some good smiles out of Mackenzie Christmas Day. Which is always exciting.
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Christmas Day at Michael's parents. Emma is quite strong, as you can see her flexing her muscles while carrying her cousin Ben's gift from us. She now says "Emma strong" but it sounds like "Emma strrronnnngggg."
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Now, on to New Year's!


Marie said...

what a great smile on mckenzie!!!

Renee said...

you guys are too cute :-)

Darcy said...

OH MY GOSH I WANT THAT KITCHEN!! Can I come over and play, Emma!??