Thursday, April 06, 2006

What she's doing now

Emma has started doing two new things. She sucks in her upper lip with her tongue, makiing this loud "smack" sound. And when I was videotaping her doing this on Monday night - well, trying to get it on tape - she was following me with her eyes and head. First time she'd done that, I was pretty excited I caught it on tape. I didn't get the lip smacking on tape until later that night. About 12:30 AM, laying on the changing table, happy as can be and sooo not tired! What time did we go to bed? Oh, about 1:45! And last night? 3AM!! Tonight's better though, she fell asleep in her swing at 9:30. Woo hoo!

Back to the eye movement. Of course, I sounded like a moron saying something like "Emma! You followed me! That's so cool!" As I later watch what we tape, I realize how stupid I sound most of the time. And Michael too. Neither of us can escape it - the baby talk, high pitch voices, and just generally stupid comments. Of course I don't feel stupid when I'm saying it, just when I play it back. Oh well, I guess she'll know her parents were major dorks when she gets older. :)

On to the pictures.

I sat Emma up on the couch Tuesday and got these super cute pictures:

And then took some more cute pictures while she was on her playmat.

Obviously, I think she's cute.


rneal84 said...


You are no different than any of the rest of us with your first child. You say silly things, that is part of the fun. Emma is adorable.


Julie said...

She's adorable! This is the first time I've ever thought she looked like either one of you, but she really looks like Michael. Not that I know what he looks like in real life, only photos you've posted, but WOW. Those eyes. Don't feel bad though, Jenna looked just like Jeff when she was an infant. Now she looks like my twin!

Niki L said...

Great pictures!! How fortunate we are to have all of this technology to capture all of the wonderful things kids do as they grow up!!

Thanks for keeping us updated on all her new discoveries!

Darcy said...

Obviously, SHE IS CUTE!!! That pic taken of her in the mirror is way cool!! Love to hear about how much you love your baby Emma!! She is one lucky girl. =)

Andrea Mette said...

Sooo adorable! I love that shot you got of her in the mirror - awe!

Courtney Kelly said...

She's SOOO sweet! And it's so cute to see her getting bigger, you can see more of what, and who, she looks like! Super sweet!