Monday, April 03, 2006

Sporty, isn't she?

So how cute is Emma in this yellow sweatsuit. Adorable! And she even has a matching binky! This is what she wore this past Friday on yet another trip to the mall.

These pictures were taken yesterday. She just loves laying on her play mat and watching the star. The star plays music and lights up and she watches it and laughs. She'll stick out her tongue, kicks her arms and legs around. Michael and I lay next to her sometimes just to watch her, to be close to her. She's so amazing!

Later on, Emma fell asleep on Michael's legs in the funniest pose. Michael decided to try it out too.

She soon reverted to her stand-by - arms up!


Niki L said...

She even has on YELLOW stylish!!

The one with her tongue sticking out is so funny!! She's a cutie!

Rebekah said...

her little sleepin' pics are just so sweet and crack me up all at the same time! :)

Andrea Mette said...