Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Two months

Emma was two months old on Saturday. Today, my mom and I took her to get her picture taken. We went to Portrait Innovations and they were great - there was someone who's job was just to make Emma smile and laugh and she was great at it. And you got your pictures that day, in only 15 minutes. I just want to point out that finally, Emma has something that looks like me - her eyes. When I smile, my eyes tend to disappear. In this picture Emma was laughing and look - her eyes are disappearing like mine! Guess she isn't completely her dad after all. :)

On Saturday, I took some here at home.

Let's see, what's been going on with Emma in the last week and a half...Well Michael was gone last week so we kept busy. We stayed at my mom's for a few days, she came here, we saw my Aunt Dorothy, ran errands, had her picture taken with the Easter Bunny, had lunch with Michael's parents...all in all, a very busy week! Before we knew it, Michael was home. Here are some pictures from last week:

Here's the bunny picture. She wouldn't open her eyes though. Rachel sat with her for a second picture and in that one, she had her hands on her face!

Last night she slept in her crib - without the bouncy seat! She slept for 8 hours, didn't really fuss at all when I put her down. Woo hoo! One day last week I looked at her and noticed her eyelashes. It was like I hadn't seen them before, they're quite long and dark. Of course, her Dad's eyelashes. Better his than mine though! And yesterday it was like she saw her hand for the first time. She held it up in front of her face and was just staring at it. She's awake for much longer periods of time, just looking around, smiling and laughing. She loves her playmat and mobile.


Kristina Proffitt said...

Emma is such a cutie, Erin! Love those photos! She is growing up so fast!

{Amanda} said...

she is sooo cute .. i can't believe she's 2 months already!!!

Niki L said...

She is so cute and she makes the best faces!!

It might be a good think she kept her eyes closed for the Easter Bunny, he's so big compared to her!!

Darcy said...

I think she's got characteristics of you too!! But you are right.. her eyes are TOTALLY yours! I've said it many times.. and I'll say it again.. Emma is such a gorgeous baby, Erin!!!

rneal84 said...


The pictures are great. She looks more like you than you think. I also sent Mike a picture of Grace at a month old. See if you recognize the outfit.


Emily said...

she is soooo sooo cute. And you're right; I can see your eyes in hers :)

Rebekah said...

ok...i'm going through emma withdrawal! we need some new pics, girl! :) xoxo. R