Friday, March 24, 2006

Her one-month checkup and eating dinner with Dad

Monday (3/20) Emma had her one-month checkup. I couldn't believe it when the nurse said she weighed 9 lbs, 12 oz and was 22 inches long. Apparantly, my fear she wasn't eating enough had no merit. She's growing like a weed! She's already grown out of a few sleepers, her legs are too long! She also got a shot, which actually didn't bother me too much. I didn't realize a baby's face could get that red that fast though! The Doctor said the acne would go away on it's own, hopefully soon. It makes me very sad to see it. He also said she could have heartburn and that could be why she doesn't like to sleep on her back at night so he told me to give her Mylanta. She seems to enjoy it. She also enjoyed the infant Tylenol I gave her after her shot. She was licking her lips, her fingers - Cherry flavor is good! That afternoon I took these pictures of her sleeping on her playmat (Notice her arms up over her head!) I was surprised she slept there as long as she did. I guess the Mylanta helped.

About the sleeping issues, Emma had been sleeping with me at night in the recliner. She refused to sleep alone at night, hadn't slept in her crib since a couple days after we brought her home. Sunday night, Michael decided to try putting her in her bouncy seat in the crib and it worked! She slept all night in there and has each night since. When I told the doctor this at her checkup, he brought up the heartburn. So for now, the bouncy seat stays in the crib, and I get to sleep in my bed!

At dinner
So how cute is Emma sitting with Michael at the table? He tried to get her to hold a fork over a plate like she was ready to eat, but that wasn't happening! She did sit nicely for a few minutes though. Then when it was time for us to eat, she started to fuss.

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