Friday, March 24, 2006

Celebrating her Grandmas' birthdays

Both my Mom and Michael's Mom have birthdays this month. Grandma Sweeney's birthday is St. Patrick's Day. We went to their house for pizza and ice cream that night. She helped blow out the candles of course. Here's Emma with Grandma Sweeney:

Grandma McIntyre's brithday is March 21st, but celebrated it by going out to dinner on the 19th. Here is Emma with Grandma McIntyre:

And I think that's enough posts for today, I should be caught up soon...I hope!


Niki L said...

They are such proud ladies!!

Those candles on that cake are the coolest!!!

Darcy said...

I'm gunna comment on your last 3 posts cuz I haven't yet!

Michael's a genius with putting her bouncer in her crib! Poor little gal.. she must like to sit upright when she sleeps. =/

LOVE those pics you took! The black felt looks awesome and she's so photogentic. =) SUCH a cutie!

Your g-ma's holding her is so stinking cute!! Give her a year and she'll be grabbing away at that cake!!!

She is SO stinking cute, Erin and I'm so happy you guys are doing well. =)