Monday, March 06, 2006

Arms up!

Emma is pretty funny when she sleeps. Rarely does she sleep with her arms down by her side. Sometimes there's hand in her face. Other times, she sleeps when her hands on her chest, hands touching. And then there's the "arms up" pose. The first was taken 2-28 and the second on 3/4. I guess she's really comfortable!

Daddy's little boy??

Notice the outfit Emma has on? I got Michael that outfit when I found out I was pregnant. Saturday was Emma's first time wearing it. Yep, she looks like a boy. At least when we took her to Dick's and Kohls that night she had a pink hat and blanket on!


Courtney Kelly said...

Awww!!! How cute!! She's going to be such a daddy's girl! And it's the cutest thing ever.

Kristina said...

Emma is a total cutie pie, Erin! Caylin sleeps with her arms up like that STILL and she just turned 4 months old! It's too cute! ;)

Darcy said...

hehehehehehe.. she's smelling her pits to make sure she's fresh smelling. =)

LOVE the little boy pictures!! We gotta get her a little bow to put in her hair so everyone can tell she's a girl. =)

Emily said...

this is the funniest thing!!! I love little characteristics that are unique to each baby! so cute, Erin!

Bridgette said...

aw, she is just precious. Christopher slept like that too, and he also liked a blanket over his head. :)