Friday, February 10, 2006

Still waiting...

Well, little baby Sweeney still hasn't arrived. Due date was February 6th but apparantly she's quite happy in there. Good news is, she'll definitely be here by next Wednesday. We'll find out tomorrow morning we'll I'll be induced. For now, here's a picture from the ultrasound 1/21/06 - just look at her cute chubby cheeks! Stay tuned for more pictures of our little-baby-no-name when she finally arrives.


Emily said...

can;t wait to see her, E!

Darcy said...

Erin... BABY SWEENEY is in NO hurry to meet us!

Wendy Bretz said...

Oh Erin!
I can't wait until she comes!
Please email me as soon as you can
because I can't wait to see the BEAUTIFUL photos!