Monday, February 27, 2006

So far, so good...

Well, we've made it through our first week at home and then some. Can't believe Emma is already 12 days old. I'm so glad my Mom was able to stay with us from Monday through Thursday last week. She was a HUGE help. It's hard to do a lot of things when you are recovering from a C-Section. I feel so much better now though. Almost normal, except after a car ride, then I'm really sore.

We've discovered that Emma is a VERY gassy baby, ha ha! It hits her at night and makes her one unhappy child. She also isn't real keen on sleeping in her crib by herself. So we've taken to sleeping in the chair with her. It's the only way we can both get some sleep. And by 3AM, I'll take sleep any way I can get it! She's sleeping for 4 hours at time sometimes though, which is really nice.

Today the Visiting Nurse came to check on me and Emma. Emma is already past her birth weight - we're so happy about they. The doctors were worried in the begininng about how much weight she lost, she wasn't eating. That's not a problem now! Her umbilical cord came off, so now she has the cutest little belly button.

We've taken so many cute pictures of her, I think we need to share them - so, here are some pictures of our adorable Emma from the last week or so:

Big feet and a sleeping face (2/19/06)

She seriously has big feet, but they're so cute. Thanks Abby, for taking this picture of her face.

Sound asleep in her bassinet (2/21/06)

Yeah, this doesn't happen that often!

Bathtime and a sweet face (2/22/06)

She didn't seem to mind the sponge bath too much, thankfully, only a little crying.
And afterwards, she was awfully calm, quite content to just lay there and let me take pictures. :)

With Mommy (2/23/06)

Thanks for the awesome pictures you took Renee!

With Daddy and the rattle (2/25/06)

Rebekah, Michael keeps trying to get Emma to hold on to that rattle you got her!


Courtney Kelly said...

AWWW!!! AWESOME photos Erin!! Loving the baby shots! Emma is a doll!!!

{Amanda} said...

Erin she is SOOO cute. . congrats to you and Michael!!!

Kristina said...

What great pictures, Erin! Emma is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you! Congrats again to you guys! ;)

Jen said...

Erin!! YEAH! Jason and I ended up sleeping on the couch on and off becuase Nathan would not sleep in the bassenette. We did it in shifts...He took the night (because he is used to night shift) and I took the early morning. It worked and soon enough she will be sleeping in longer stretches! Don't you love being a mom? It is the best!! I love your pictures!

Darcy said...

LOVE seeing pics of her, Erin! She is such a beautiful baby. I love her cute, chubby face! Tell her she needs to pay you back for all the pukes you had by SLEEPING for mommy!

Rebekah said...

love these photos, erin! she is so beautiful! :) i'm so glad that everything is going well! and i'm surprised michael isn't already rolling grounders to her and propping her up with a glove. :) *lol*

Bridgette said...

Emma is absolutley adorable erin!!! Congrats again! :)

Elizabeth said...

oh you so will have to have a photo session with her nake chubb sitting in a ballglove..right for daddy's desk!!
im seeing some amazing scrap pages coming out of these!
your family is way to adorable!

Anonymous said...

she is soooo gorgeous Erin! Glad to hear things are going well!

For the gassy stuff, I had the same thing with Ethan and I found out after a while that the dairy stuff I was eating and drinking was a HUGE contributor. Once I cut that out of my diet, he was sooo much happier. Just thought I'd through that out there :)