Sunday, February 26, 2006

Friends for life?

My friend Mary and I found out we were pregnant a week apart. It was so much fun to go through it together - we were able to take pictures of our growing babies, share experiences and just enjoy it. Mary and Hannah came over to visit on February 21st, Mary hadn't yet seen Emma.

It was so funny because Emma was crying and Hannah just kept looking at her like "What's wrong with you??" At one point, we swear Hannah was laughing at her!

And we even got a picture with them holding hands. Ok, so their hands just happened to touch, but it is still a cute picture. We figure either they'll grow up to be great friends (Mary and I have been friends for over 10 years) or they'll be complete opposites and won't like each other at all!

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Emily said...

SO CUTE! I am loving these pics, erin! so glad that you have a friend to share this new experience with