Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ryan @ 5 months

I'm a little late with this, but Ryan turned five months old on February 19th.

No clue what he weighs right now. I'm guessing about 13 1/2 pounds. He's fitting nicely into his 3 - 6 month clothes but still has plenty of room to grow in them. I don't see him outgrowing them anytime soon. He is actually still wearing a couple 0 - 3 sleepers, most of the 3-6 ones are still pretty long on him and his feet get lost.

I love how he sleeps. He either rolls over on his left side (which I need to get a picture of) or clasps his hands and puts them over his eyes, like this:

He's doing such a great job holding up his head. Although again, I need to take a picture. This one is from a couple weeks ago on the boppy. He can hold it up while flat on the floor, and hold it up pretty high. He still isn't pushing up with his arms but he'll get there. He's made such improvements, I'm so pleased. I'm still stretching out his neck as the head tilt hasn't improved yet.

He's a rolling-over machine. Front to back; back to front; just no front to back to front. He often will cry out for someone to come rescue him when he gets stuck on his belly with his arm pinned under him. This has happened a few times when I've put him down to nap.

He's all about his hands and feet and toes. I just love watching him grab his feet, he likes to put his toes in his mouth. He waves his hands around and watches them and eats those, too. And the tongue. His tongue is constantly out of his mouth. It's the funniest thing.

I love when I go in to get him after a nap or in the morning, he always has the biggest grin on his face when he sees me. He gets so excited he starts flapping his arms and kicking his legs.

He's napping three times a day: around 10 am, 1 -2 pm and in the evening around 6. He's in bed by 8:30 usually and sleeps until 8 or so. He's woken up at 4am a few times recently, thinking it's morning but goes back to sleep pretty easily. No crying, he's just talking and moving around. He's still eating 4 times a day: when he wakes up, around noon, 4ish then before bed. Still 32oz/day, but acts like he could eat more and since we're at the limit for formula, we've started the rice cereal.

Speaking of the rice cereal. He's not a fan. He wants to eat. He wants what is on that spoon. Until what's on that spoon is in his mouth. Then he changes his mind. It's just not good. I don't blame him. Also, it doesn't help that he likes to stick his tongue out. He can swallow the rice cereal, it's just more fun to push it out on his tongue. I'd forgotten how messy feeding rice cereal is.

He loves his Daddy.

He's laughing all the time. Especially at Emma. She does the best job making him laugh, sometimes it's by jumping and stomping in front of him, other times it's the random words and sounds she says to him. He loves it.

My sweet sleeping baby boy. He's always turned towards the rain forest toy. He always lays on his left side so he can watch it, touch it, turn it on when it goes off. He's started turning around in his crib, so sometimes I'll find him turned every which way after naps and in the morning.

He still likes the exersaucer. He can move around in it now. Michael got down the jumperoo, and he wasn't quite sure of it at first, but likes it now.

And I think that's it. He's just an amazing baby. Super easy. And happy. And loveable, huggable, kissable, snuggleable, just wonderful.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emma's five-year checkup, or

How my camera came in handy for entertaining us during the 1.5 hours we were there for said appointment.

There's only so much you can do in a tiny room with three kids without going crazy. Granted, the time was broken up with a vision test, hearing test, check-up, peeing in a cup (always fun!) and shots. But still. It was a loooong time to be in there!

I let Emma and Mackenzie take pictures. It kept them entertained. For whatever reasons, the ceiling and floor are very interesting to three-year-olds. I snapped a few, too.

For the record, at five-years-old Emma is 44.25 inches, 41.5 pounds. Healthy percentile, healthy BMI, good blood pressure, and she passed vision and hearing tests.

The shots, by the way, were awful. Emma freaked when she found out she had to have them. I had to hold her on my lap while she kicked and flailed and whipped her head around while shouting, "no shots! no shots!" as loud as she could. It was awesome.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photo 365: 1/24/11 - 1/30/11

1/24: The deer in the woods behind our house. Took this from my kitchen window with my new zoom lens. Loving the new lens.

1/25: Mackenzie's snowman. She, Emma and Olivia were drawing during the basketball game. I love seeing her learn to draw things now, as opposed to just scribbling. Although she does a lot of that still, too. But I think that's a mighty fine snowman.

1/26: Playdate with Olivia. Lots of silliness going on while having a snack.

1/27: oops, missed a day.

1/28: Mackenzie was here.

1/29: We went to see Tangled. It was wonderful. Emma now loves Rapunzel and all things Tangled. She was so into the movie, just transfixed by it. This was the best shot I could get of Emma when the movie was over. She dressed herself: Steelers jersey, cardigan, flower headband, and jeans. She's definitely got her own sense of style.

1/30: This was a busy day. Church, then Caroline's bowling birthday party, then preschool open house for Mackenzie. She's all signed up for next year. She's so looking forward to school and was excited to be able to go and play for a while rather than be rushed out the door during drop-off.

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Photo 365: 1/17/11 - 1/23/11

1/17: Sledding at Kelly's after boot camp. That's Sam in between Mackenzie and Emma. The best part of sledding was Mackenzie going downhill with her eyes closed. She told me it was so the snow didn't get in her eyes, and she seemed very proud of that solution to her problem.

1/18: A sweet sleeping baby.

1/19: Land's End box shoved in my mailbox. Attn mailman - it doesn't fit.

1/20: An awake and happy baby.

1/21: Saying goodbye to Grandma McIntyre.
1/22: Family Play Day at our Church. Well, not actually at the church itself, but at it's warehouse/Loft space. It's a potluck/playtime for the kids on bounce houses.
1/23: My boot camp workout for the next day. It's my turn to lead and of course I waited until 11pm the night before to type it all up.
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Photo 365: 1/10/11 - 1/16/11

1/10: Mackenzie's first swim lesson. She loved it. She was so excited to finally be big enough to take lessons. The girls lessons are back to back, so we're there from 7 - 8:30 by the time we shower them and get them in their PJs.

1/11: Playing the Cat in the Hat game Emma got for Christmas. I put my camera on the floor and set the timer.

1/12: I knew when I left this morning without snowblowing I was going to get stuck in the driveway. And I did. So I had to snowblow around my car, move it in to the garage, then finish the driveway.

1/13: We met my mom at the mall so the girls could use their Disney Store gift cards she gave them for Christmas. It was so fun watching them check everything out. Emma kept asking, "can I get this?" and if I said she could but only that and then there'd be nothing left, she'd put the item back. She wanted to be sure she could get two things. Their final purchases were exactly the same, of course - princess art kits in a zip around case and stickers. They were so excited.

1/14: Poor Ryan, already being dressed up in tutu skirts. And he's already perfected the, "Are you serious?" look.
1/15: Date night. We went out to dinner with my workout girls and spouses. Twenty-two of us in all, which meant we needed a room to ourselves. It was fun to hang out, chat, eat and then play a few games before heading home.
1/16: Shelby and Angie stayed the night after babysitting for us, so we took them to lunch after church. Not that we need an excuse to go to Bob Evans, we go so often after church that the girls expect us to go to "the pancake place" every Sunday.
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Friday, February 04, 2011

Five on Friday

1. So when Bloglines changed ownership, not all feeds transferred over and mine was one of them. I know because it stopped showing up for me, and according to Marie, for her as well. So if you usually read through Bloglines and aren't getting it anymore, hopefully it'll start showing up if you re-subscribe. Unless it was just us. Although I'm going to go with all the people that used to read this aren't getting it anymore and that's why I've got about five people following right now. ;)

2 I got my new zoom lens (Merry Christmas from my husband) two weeks ago. I love it. I love that I was able to zoom in on Emma and get this:

3. Made me laugh when I saw it in the mailbox though. I think the mailman was determined to make the box fit no matter if the door didn't close.

4. Had snow and ice and cold temps this week, which meant snow days for Michael and Emma, a cancelled class for Emma and Mackenzie and a cancelled play group for Mackenzie and Ryan. Now the weather is fine but we're still at home because Mackenzie is sick. Although due to the miracle drug Motrin, she's acting just fine right now.

5. I ordered the girls swimsuits from Land's End. The ones I posted about on FB as being the best girls bathing suits ever. And then they came and they've changed the cut and I was disappointed. I've reordered Mac's in a size up, and am going to order Emma a completely different suit and hope they'll work.

Bonus picture just because he's so cute.

Happy Friday!
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