Friday, May 18, 2012

First Day/Last Day

Today was the last day of Preschool for Mackenzie. She was excited. Although I think a good majority of the excitement was for the party at a classmate's house after.

You can see that on the first day she had a fresh hair cut, it was nicely brushed and she let me put in a bow. Today, we barely got it brushed - too many tangles, the girl has crazy bed-head - and she finally consented to a barrette. She was not in the mood for pictures either. The sun was too bright and she didn't want to smile for too many photos. I'm lucky I got this one. But I did get it. Her last day of preschool. One year under her belt. Next year she'll got 3 days a week, with extended day on Monday. Then Kindergarten will be here before I know it. 

She made cards for her teachers. We got them gift cards to Dairy Queen (I managed to forget about the need for teacher gifts until last night, so ice cream it is.) and she drew ice cream cones in the one card, then moved on to triangles for the second. Cones without the ice cream?

You might notice the scribbles. While we were upstairs brushing out the tangles in Mackenzie's hair, Ryan was very quiet. Very, very quiet. When I called out and he didn't answer I knew he was up to no good. And he wasn't. He climbed in the chair, grabbed the markers and started coloring on the cards. I didn't have the heart to tell her because I knew she'd be upset and we didn't have time to re-do them. And I really didn't want to start off her last day with a meltdown. We have enough of them as is. So I hid the cards.

And then promptly forgot them. Thankfully she didn't notice and I brought them to pick-up. 

She had a good last day though. For show-and-tell she took three mini markers. She said she told them she likes to color with them. I asked if she told them she gets in trouble for leaving the caps off. She just looked at me. Then said yes, although I'm guessing she didn't really. 

This year has been good for her, although at times a struggle. She does very well at writing; she's been really in to writing all our names, other words and can write all our letters. She's a smart 4 1/2 year old. But  she's not a morning person and mornings could be rough. One thing could go wrong and a meltdown would ensue. She had plenty of days where she cried at drop-off (whether the morning at home went well or not) and I had to wriggle out of her grasp and leave. Of course, she stopped crying within a few minutes and went on to have a great day. She just had a hard time separating from me. She had to work on sharing and playing nice and giving up control but she needed that. Her teachers were so wonderful and patient with her and she's really improved and grown. She had so much fun learning and doing all the crafts and of course loved snack time. And she likes the new friends she has made. And this is new to her, to have friends that are separate from Emma.

Today she brought home her name magnet, hang tag for her coat and her get-to-know-me photo apple. And with that her school year is over.  

Friday, May 04, 2012

Any May a Beautiful Change

My friend Marie's sister Katherine has written a book. A book I've heard is absolutely fabulous and is on my to-read list. 

May is all about celebrating this wonderful book. You can read about Any May a Beautiful Change here on Katherine's blog. There are also links to many others sharing their stories about a Beautiful Change.

For me, the beautiful change in my life was becoming a stay-at-home-mom. It's something I never thought I wanted. I knew I wanted kids and I was excited to become a mother one day. But it wasn't until I met Michael and we started discussing having children one day that I realized I wanted to stay home with them. I thought for sure I would be a career woman. I was in college long enough, I had to work to make that degree worth it, right? But no. The next work day after I found out I was pregnant I told my boss (who was also my friend) that I was putting in my nine-month notice.

I love staying home with my kids. 

I can't say it enough. For me, it's the perfect choice. I get to spend every day with them. I see every milestone occur. I get to experience all the things they learn right along with them. I get to have pajama days where we snuggle in the chair and watch cartoons. I get to color and craft and do puzzles with them. I'm able to teach them and watch them learn. I get to help in their classrooms and attend their school parties.  I get to eat breakfast and lunch with them. I get to take them with me everywhere I go - errands, to the gym, the library, to visit friends and out to lunch. I can grab a hug and a kiss whenever I want. 

Now that's not to say there aren't times when I need a break. I'd be lying if I said every moment was joyous and every day runs smoothly. They aren't and it doesn't. But that's okay. I'll take the bad with the good and embrace it. Because before I know it all three will be in school and my time with them will become limited and I'll be wishing they were there to drive me crazy.

So I'll take the temper tantrums and crushed Kix and underwear left all over the house (I have no idea how this happens) and messes and frustrations and whining and the constant calling of my name.

I'll take it all and I will treasure it and try to remember every little detail and embrace it. Embrace them.

This is what I'm meant to do. Be a mom. Be home with my kids.  

I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Last year Emma played t-ball on a co-ed team. But with Kindergarten comes softball. She’s had two practices a week (one for 1 hour and the other 1.5 hours) until her first game this past Saturday. Now the practices are over and it’s just games. Which thankfully have a time limit.

Emma got a hit her first at-bat, albeit not the prettiest one.

emma first at-bat series_edited-1

It was cold though. As in 40 degrees cold. There were snowflakes as the game ended. Emma was frozen. In fact, as I was trying to get a picture of her at her first game, she was yelling at me to take her to the car. In fact, I’m pretty sure I capture the word “car” right here.

emma after game

Her second game is tomorrow and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s. At she can’t say she’s cold! And maybe she’ll even pose for a picture or two.