Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Week in the Life - Sunday

Walking in to church. We were late this morning. I'll also go ahead and state now that the girls dressed themselves this morning. Emma wore a red dress, black shoes and pink sweater. Mackenzie wore a blue striped dress, black dress shoes and pink sweatshirt. They were cute.

Mackenzie in her room in the nursery. In the fall she moves up to the 2-year-old Sunday School class.

In church. (Church was over though, and I snapped this right before we left to pick up the girls.)

Emma's Sunday School class. That's Kelly helping her. Kelly is her one teacher's daughter and also does nursery duty with us.

Waiting in the parking lot. Just a little traffic.

Form for my blood work that's been sitting in my car so I wouldn't lose it.

Lunch. Yes, I had ribs at 11:45 am for lunch. And they were yummy.

Emma doing a dance for us.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.

Bike ride when we got home.

If you look closely (you can click to enlarge) you can see Mackenzie just about to fall off her bike. Hello Beth.

The boo boo. This poor girl has no idea what sort of summer she's in for. I'm going to go through band-aids like crazy.

All better now though.

Mackenzie, Emma, Caroline and Jack. They were highly entertained by Michael mowing.

Also highly entertained by the clumps of grass he left behind.

Flowers Emma made in church this morning.

This one just makes me smile.

The after-church belly shot.

Emma wanted me to take her picture on her bike. I will probably be able to put an entire album together full of just pictures of Emma on her back come September.

Snuggle time with Daddy. Please note the fleece one-piece pajamas she is in. She got an ear ache (which thankfully did not last long) and was crying and miserable for an hour. Thank you to whomever invented Motrin. And food coloring. Since I have to make in red in order for her to take it.

I ended up taking a nap later that afternoon. They read books while I slept. I found them here when I woke up.


She made a hot dog. And while you can't really tell here, it actually looked like a hot dog. I was impressed.

This was my attempt at getting a picture of Mac checking my ears.

Cookies brought back from Grandma's. They're back in the ballet outfits from Friday.

Emma took this one of her bookcase.

And this one, too. Pretty sure Mackenzie was up to no good. See the blue thing under her bed? That's The Wave, kind of like The Firm if you've ever tried it. I borrowed it from my sister but haven't used it yet. Instead, my girls have taken it over. When you flip it over you can rock back and forth and balance on it. They love it. Which is why Emma swiped it and stashed it in her room.

Time for bed.

Emma likes to ask me how her teeth look after brushing. So now Mackenzie asks me when she takes her turn brushing her teeth, except she asks me ever 3 seconds. Which is what she's doing now. "How do they look?"

I like this one because you can see all of us...even if it is only a bit of Michael's arm and back.

Mackenzie has been really in to reading lately. I'll find her just sitting in her room, or on the couch, or in the middle of the floor with books

I was trying to get a picture of the two of them while I was reading.

But Emma kept sticking her head in the shot. After 3 or 4 of these they were cracking up.

Prayer time.

Potty time. With one of her favorite books, which is about going potty, of course.

Reading before bed.

Cleaning out my purse. This is everything minus the garbage I'd thrown away. A mess.

Baseball stats.

The end.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life - Saturday

Not a lot of pictures, today. Mostly because I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning. And really, that's not that exciting.

The girls playing play-doh. They love to wear dresses. Emma got Mackenzie dressed today. They thought they were all ready for Corinne's party (at 5) at 10 this morning. neither of those outfits made it.

Lunch. Sakkio. Yum. And the paper of course. I read the newspaper everyday. I go through withdrawal without it. I like, but there's nothing like having an actual newspaper in your hands.

A freshly made bed with freshly washed sheets. And my pillow from when I was 6. I still sleep with it.

My best french braid so far. I'm really out of practice. And to think I used to be able to french braid my own hair.

Ironing my shirt for tonight. Pretty sure it's the last time I'll be wearing it for a while.

What happens when you assume you have wrapping paper and then 15 minutes before leaving realize you don't have enough.

En route.


Directions. While I've been to Marty and Abby's plenty of times, I never drive. And while I'm pretty sure I could've gotten there without having the directions, it's better to be safe than sorry!

The birthday girl, Corinne. Moments later we all started singing, cameras started flashing and she started crying.

The cousins.

I'm not a fan of icing. When I'm with my sister, she eats my icing for me. And when my mom makes cupcakes, she always leaves a couple un-frosted for me.

Still eating her ice cream.
I was attempting a picture of Abby and her children, when my child did this:

Playing in Corinne's new tent and tunnel.

Family picture courtesy of either Malachi or Claire. Not sure which took it. not really a flattering look for me.

And another. This makes me laugh. A lot. Not really sure why Mackenzie was so close to Michael's feet.

The end.