Wednesday, May 02, 2012



Last year Emma played t-ball on a co-ed team. But with Kindergarten comes softball. She’s had two practices a week (one for 1 hour and the other 1.5 hours) until her first game this past Saturday. Now the practices are over and it’s just games. Which thankfully have a time limit.

Emma got a hit her first at-bat, albeit not the prettiest one.

emma first at-bat series_edited-1

It was cold though. As in 40 degrees cold. There were snowflakes as the game ended. Emma was frozen. In fact, as I was trying to get a picture of her at her first game, she was yelling at me to take her to the car. In fact, I’m pretty sure I capture the word “car” right here.

emma after game

Her second game is tomorrow and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s. At she can’t say she’s cold! And maybe she’ll even pose for a picture or two.

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