Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Code Yellow

Did you know Target has something called a Code Yellow? Apparently, it's what happens when a almost 9-month pregnant woman walks up with her 4 1/2 year old and asks for help finding her almost 3-year-old who decided to run away. Oh yes. This is what happened today.

Today we were in Target with my mom. We were in the shoe department, Emma and Mac standing by the cart with Grandma while I was looking. I heard, "Mackenzie, come here. Mackenzie!" Then Emma saying, "She went that way Grandma!" and I see my mom go down the aisle after Mackenzie. But then she comes back without her. See, she's fast. Faster than Grandma and faster than me at this point. So off we go looking and when we don't see her immediately I realize the best thing to do is ask for help before she decides to just walk out of the store. Because she would do that. She has no fear. She would just walk out, with purpose, and with my luck no one would stop her.

I headed to the toy department and when she wasn't there I walked up to the Target security guy and an employee standing in the music department. The conversation went a bit like this:

Me: Hi. Could you help me find my almost three-year-old who decided to run away? She's short. Blonde. Wearing a pink Minnie Mouse shirt and she's fast. Faster than me.

Them: (Concerned look on their faces) Sure, we can help. Where was she last?

Me: (With a crazy smile on my face) In the shoe department. But no one took her. She's okay. She just decided to run away. She's fast. And fearless.

Them: What was she wearing again? Okay, you stay here, we'll go look.

Now I wasn't afraid. I think my mom probably was, but I wasn't. I really wasn't concerned anyone had taken her. I was just annoyed (and yes, amused, hence the crazy smile - a cross between Ican'tbelivethisishappening and ohsheissogoingtobeintroubleforthis and thisisalittlebitembarrassing) that I actually had to ask for help to find her.

I think if she wasn't found quickly then I would start to get nervous and start to panic. And I'm sure the Target employees would do the same, because inevitably, you'd think someone actually did take her. But it wasn't more than a minute before I heard the crackling of the walkie talkie and someone saying they had her in diapers. I walked over and there she comes, walking toward the diaper aisle from the baby clothing, holding the hand of a female employee, and SMILING! Yes, smiling. She saw me, yelled Mommy and jumped in my arms. She then squeezed me as tightly as possible and hid her head in my shoulder. Embarrassed? Aware she was in trouble? Happy to see me? Who knows. All I know is what Code Yellow means at Target, thanks to my very cute and very mischievous almost 3-year-old.

And because every post needs a photo, here are the girls during a better time, AKA, at the mall before Mac ran away in Target.

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Marie said...

yeah, once again...sooooo sorry.

Katy said...

Glad you found her quickly. This happened to me once, only the child was older and we thought someone had snatched him because he was gone "Poof" and he was not a wanderer. Longest 15 minutes of my life.

Renee said...

eeps!! that is scary!

darcy said...

OH my gosh.. I NEVER want a code yellow in Target! So glad she was ok! And that you didn't kill her. =)