Friday, February 19, 2010

Four Years Old

I still can't believe she's four. Sigh. But she is. We had Emma's party on Saturday and she loved it. It was princess. And very purple and pink. And perfect for her.

We started out with dinner at CiCi's, her pick. She really wanted macaroni and cheese pizza.

Then we all came back to our house for presents, cake and ice cream. The polly pockets were a huge hit. As were all gift princess and the Dora nightgown, which she wore for the rest of her party.
Before Emma could blow out her candle, Mackenzie leaned it and blew it out. We re-lit it, and it then took Emma four or five tries to blow it out. She didn't mind though.

She loved her party. Loved the pizza, the balloons, the game. Playing with her cousins and her new toys. Wearing her nightgown. Turning 4. She's awesome.


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! 4 is so fun!!!!

Marie said...

happy birthday emma!!!

Rebekah said...

i'm sighing with you!! :) looks like the party was big time FUN!! but mac & cheese pizza?! didn't know they had such a thing. lol. 4 is so of my fave little kid ages!! :) 4 is just hilarious.

Renee said...

happy birthday emma!!!!! love these pictures!!!

rachel marquette said...

happy 4 emma!! 4 is a fun age! great pictures! looks like it was a great party. love that she wore her new nightgown right away.