Thursday, January 25, 2007


Emma's finally started giving kisses. I was so excited yesterday when I'd say "Emma, give me a kiss" and I'd pucked my lips and she'd respond by leaning forward, open-mouthed, of course, and meet my face. So I did it again:

Emma, give me a kiss.


Emma, give me a kiss.


Then I thought, hmmm..does she really know what I'm saying?

Emma, give me an elephant.


Emma, who loves you?


Yep. She had no clue what I was saying, but hey, she knows how to give kisses, regardless!

Monday, January 22, 2007

So much for that New Year's Resolution!

I had good intentions, I swear! But, alas, I'm still behind on the blog. Oh well! I'll make up for it with super cute pictures of Emma!

Michael's parents got Emma a sled for her birthday. With all the snow we've been having, they brought it over on Saturday as an early present. As this first picture proves, you don't need snow to have fun in a sled. I pulled her through the house in it to try it out and then left her in it to see what she'd do. She just sat there. Waiting. So Grandma put some toys in with her and she started to play. She stayed without a fuss until I took her out for lunch.

After lunch, we all went outside to try the sled in actual snow. Emma loved it! Of course, it tipped over about 30 seconds into it but she didn't seem to mind. Our yard goes slightly uphill, just the perfect amount to pull Emma down. We finally brought her in because it was so cold, she didn't seem to mind though.

What else has been going on? Baseball started for Michael - practice in the morning. Hard to believe it's that time already. He goes to Florida for Spring Break with the baseball team in just over two months. Emma and I might go, haven't decided yet.
My friend Marie came over Saturday for a night of scrapping - so much fun! Emma turned 11 months old - only 3 more weeks until her 1st birthday. I'm trying to decide between Elmo and Baby Einstein for her party. I'm leaning towards Elmo. I'll give a better update on what she's doing in a few days. No really, I will!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I promise to update more regularly!

I resolve to post more than once a month in 2007! Honest!

Emma will be 11 months old Monday and she is such a little stinker. Seriously. Lately she likes to blow raspberries with a mouthful of baby food. What a mess! She's eating so much better. Tonight she had pancakes and loved them. She's also eating fruit (from the fruit cups), yogurt, pizza, rigatoni and meatsauce, hamburger, fries, fish, bread/rolls. Notice the lack of vegetables on that list. Oh well. Hopefully soon she'll eat some veggies, we'll see. She loves to jump in her crib and has started to not nap in the mornings. Thankfully, it's not all the time, I'm not ready for her to give up her morning nap! She grinds her teeth all the time -very annoying. She's clapping normally now, although her special little clap was very cute! She loves walking with her walker, we took her to the fitness center and she did almost a complete lap around the track. She was tired afterwards, that's for sure!

Here are a couple recent pictures:
this was taken last night about 10:30 pm. She was supposed to be sleeping. She woke up crying, then decided she didn't want to sleep, rather she wanted to jump. So jump she did. Eventually, she fell back asleep. Notice the binky in the mouth and lamb blanket in her hand. Those are necessary for proper jumping form. :)

This was after Michael's game Thursday. I took her walker so she could walk all over the gym floor. She was loving it!

Just a cute picture I took the other night when she was playing with her lego blocks. Michael got these for her for Christmas and she loves them. She's getting really good at stacking them, and she loves to put them in her mouth as well.