Monday, March 12, 2007


We had an earthquake tonight! Crazy! It happened at 7:18 this evening. Emma and I were in the kitchen, Michael was upstairs when the whole house shook, the floor vibrated and it was loud! At first we didn't know what the heck it was, for a second I thought something hit the house. Then Michael said it was an earthquake and sure enough, it was. Our neighbor called to make sure we felt it and it wasn't just her house. I called my neighbor across the street as well. People were looking around outside. According to the news, it was a 3.6 magnitude and lasted about 5 seconds. It was the weirdest sensation though. I can only imagine what the big ones are like out in California. Since I don't have any pictures of the earthquake to share, how about some Emma pics? :)

Two nights ago we went to the fitness center so Emma could walk around the track. She just loves it. Although she gets sidetracked by whatever is going on inside the track in the gym and tends to try to walk in.



And for my scrapping friends, look what came today:

American Crafts goodness!
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Marie said...

i missed it!! i was at band practice and missed it due to the
oh and SOOOOOOO jealous!!!!

Missy said...

I felt and heard nothing....are you making this up??? Just kidding- That box of AC just looks too scrumptios!

Darcy said...

You had an earthquake? No Way!! And that AC looks fun.. time for Erin to play!

Julie said...

an earthquake? how crazy! glad no one was hurt. emma is getting so big!

Rebekah said...

earthquake? how strange! we've had a few here lately but i haven't felt any of them. weird! & look at emma working on good fitness habits at such an early age! *lol* she's gonna be an athlete, by golly! :)