Sunday, October 22, 2006

Camping and some other stuff

Nothing like not updating for 11 days...oops! I guess I need to do a recap of the past week and a half.

We went camping with Michael's family. We go every year the same weekend. This year we got a cabin since we have Emma and that was really nice. Michael missed the tent, but me? Not so much. The weather wasn't as nice as it's been is years passed. There was actually snow on Friday. But since we were nice and cozy in our warm cabin, I didn't mind too much. Oh wait. That was me, Emma and Abby! Michael and Marty were out in it somewhere. :) We didn't sit around the campfire as much this year and we ate all our meals inside rather than by the fire. But we still got to go for walks, play bocce,roast marshmallows and make pizza pies over the fire. Emma was a champ! She stayed right on schedule with her naps and bedtime. I was a little worried about it but she had no problem sleeping in her pack and play.

We got a new stroller before going camping and it's awesome. Perfect for things like this when you don't need your big travel system stroller. As far as we could tell, Emma liked it too.

Emma loves riding in the backpack. She gets so excited and likes to hit Michael in the head. Which is always good for a laugh.

Aren't her arms funny? She had so many layers on they stuck straight out. She's like that boy in A Christmas Story! She was talking - a lot - that's why her mouth is open.

The trees were gorgeous!

We put Emma in a swing for the first time and she loved it! She laughed and squealed and grinned.

We went for a walk down to the lake Saturday afternoon. And it was quite bright so Emma had to wear her shades. For all of 2 minutes before she pulled them off and tried to eat them.

That's it for now. I'll post the rest of the camping pictures in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Awe - looks you all had a blast. I bet you had sooo much fun!

Darcy said...

You know I love these. LOVE that she's all bundled up in pink. =)