Tuesday, July 18, 2006

5 months!

So, as of this past Saturday the 15th, Emma is 5 months old. Of course, that meant we did a little photo shoot. Decided to try outdoors. Not real happy with the lighting but I still got some good pictures. Here are a few favorites:

Went swimming at the pool today - took our nieces and nephew. We had such a great time and I think Emma enjoyed it too. She was in the pool for quite a while. We were lucky in that it wasn't too hot or too sunny.


And yesterday we tried rice cereal for the first time. The girl loved it!!! She kept grabbing the spoon and shoving it in her mouth. Contrary to what you might think after seeing how much is on her face, she actually ate quite a bit. :)
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In other Emma news, we had quite a scare Sunday night. Called the pediatrician around 11pm because Emma was having trouble breathing. Michael was much calmer than I was, although we were both scared. Michael put her mattress on the floor next to our bed so she be close to us. It was either that, or I slept on the floor in her room. Figures we put the bassinet in the shed the week before. I was up until 1:30 watching her breathe. We took her to the doctor yesterday and she thinks it was a spasmodic croup attack. At least if it happens again we know what to do so we won't freak out quite so much. Ok, so I won't freak out quite so much. ;)

Emma finally rolled over again this past Sunday. And this time I got it on tape! Woo hoo! I was thinking she was a one hit wonder since it'd been two weeks!


{Amanda} said...

erin i can't believe how BIG she is. . wow. . .and so scary about the breathing thing. .i'm glad she's alright now!!

Julie said...

i'm glad she's okay! that is scary. jenna beth has that same swimsuit erin...great minds must think alike, lol. she is getting so big. she's gorgeous!

Darcy said...

LOOK how gorgeous she is!!! LOVE the photo shoot pics. And whoo-hoo with the big girl food!!!

So glad she is okay.. hope you are doing better with it all.

Rebekah said...

5 months! :) yeah! and she's starting to be on the move, huh? how fun! :) i'm so glad she's okay after your scare the other night! yikes! i can just imagine! love the pics, erin. she is just adorable! and her swimsuit is the cutest!! and i can she she gets her eating habits from her father. *lol* :)

Anonymous said...

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Andrea Mette said...

Great photo shoot, Erin - she is precious! Love her bathing suit!

Anonymous said...

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