Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekend fun

So Saturday, Emma got to meet 3 of my scrapbook friends - Darcy (and her sister,) Rachel and Nichole. We met them at Archivers after spending the morning at my mom's. It was the big garage sale - I made $5.75. My nieces and nephew made more than me! It was great to meet them and of course Emma was loving all the attention.
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Michael took her to a baseball game last night - don't ya just love her little pink tennis shoes?

I took this yesterday. I was sitting on the kitchen floor next to Emma just laughing really obnoxiously. It was an awful sound but she thought it was hysterical! She would laugh every time I did. The picture's a little blurry, but hey, that'll happen.


Darcy said...

Heck yeah, weekend fun! I think I took that pic of the two of you.. sa-weet. =) Thanks for taking time out to meet on Saturday!!!

Loved meeting Emma and you.. Erin, she is just the cutest ever. LOVE her little personality and now I can truly envision her laughing hysterically at you!!!

And yes, those are the cutest little pink shoes.. she was STYLING on Sat!!

Andrea Mette said...

Awe, love those pink tennis shoes - she is a fashion diva!

Rebekah said...

how fun!! looks like you guys had a blast! :)

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