Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cutie pie Emma

First off I have to say - I stink at coming up with titles for these posts! So unoriginal and boring! But I think Emma's cute enough to make up for whatever I lack in title creativity!

Emma is 17 weeks old today. This first picture was taken today at Grandma Sweeney's retirement luncheon. A luncheon that wasn't the greatest for Emma. She woke up fussy and it continued all day. We spent a lot of time hanging out on the bathroom lounge floor. ;) But, she looked adorable in her outfit (from Grandma Sweeney.) It was her firstime with a headband - no one mistook her for a boy today!

Yesterday, I put her in the highchair while we ate lunch. Grandma McIntyre and Grandma & Grandpa Sweeney came over to help me in the yard. It was a jungle out there. Literally. It was so bad that our neighbors on both sides commented on the difference in it last night. You just know that were saying "It's about time!" Anyway, I thought it I put her in the highchair she'd enjoy it, she'd be at our level, could look around. Well, she enjoyed it so much she went to sleep. Doesn't she look so tiny in there?

Sunday, Michael took Emma to church by himself because I had a bridal shower to attend. Don't they look so cute? I had to put the hat on Emma. Weather-wise? Soooo not necessary. Cuteness-wise? Definitely necessary. Of course, I'm sure Michael took it off as soon as they got in the parking lot!

She's doing much better at lifting her head when she's on her stomach. She doesn't cry as soon as we put her that way, but I don't think she's particularly fond of it either.
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cheryl said...

yeah, but where is the auntie cheryl pictures?!?! ;D
dude, i'm so sad that i'm not moving to cleveland now. looking at those pictures made it so much worse. i was so excited about seeing emma all the time! :( (and you)
but i love the pictures! :) :)

Andrea Mette said...

Too cute, Erin! Love that lil hat and that highchair picture cracks me up!

Darcy said...

Every picture of Michael with Emma is SO sweet!! He just looks like the proudest daddy ever. =) And he should be.. look at that cutie-head!!! She is STYLING!! Whether it's headbands, hats or shades.. that girl is "in" on the fashions!!

Can't wait to see you both tomorrow!!!!!

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