Thursday, October 14, 2010

Because it amuses me.

I've started taking pictures of Ryan in his car seat when we're out and about. (When I remember to, at least.) Pictures of him with things like my lemonade at Penn Station.

(Taken 10/3)

At Dairy Queen with my caramel sundae. Ok, so my sundae isn't in this one. But it is in the one I took with my cell and sent Michael, so I'm pretending.


With Michael's football at Emma's soccer game. I think this was his first outing at 6 days old. Michael started this whole thing, by the way. Him putting the football ball there is what gave me this idea.


Visiting friends at the fitness center. We're getting him started on a workout routine early on. Side note - is that not the tiniest weight ever? It's one pound.


Also starting him on Target early.

My camera battery died before I could give him something football-related yesterday while we were at Michael's game. But I did get this one of him on the track. Please note he's wearing the cutest hat ever made.


I don't know why I find this so entertaining but I do. I'm sure one day I'll hear, "Really Mom? You did this to me? This is what you did for fun?" And I will just say, "Wait until you have you own kids. It's amazing what will amuse you!"
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Missy said...

hee hee favorite is his face in the Target cart. It's not that bad buddy...You will learn to embrace it:)

Stephanie said...

Love it! The things we do to our kids!! Will try to get there soon to meet the little guy and see you, it has been far too long!

Leslie Craven said...

Love the football hat!!

Renee said...

you are funny!! and he is the cutest ever!!!! i need to meet him!