Monday, October 08, 2007

All in order

We've been noticing this lately - Emma making sure things are all lined up in a row. Bins, toys, shoes, etc. Tonight, it was stickers. She was putting stickers on her shirt and she lined them all up in a row. Then she took them off her shirt and put them on the floor. (Sorry about the blurry picture)


It's Tribe time now. And yesterday Emma and Michael were quite cute in their matching tribe gear. :)
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Marie said...

at this moment every single one of lily's fridge magnets are lined up in a row :)

Missy said...

Maya does the same. Go Tribe!!

Julie said...

that's so funny! just today, at the grocery store, as we put the groceries in the car and headed to put the cart where it goes, jenna beth wanted me to push all of the carts so that they were straightened up. i'm sure i looked like an idiot out there straightening the cart container, but it made her happy!