Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stupid RLS

So, one of the not-so-fun pregnancy pains for me has been Restless Leg Syndrome. Or, as Michael calls it, Dead Leg. In my case, even more so Dead Foot and Ankle. I had RLS with Emma but it's been much worse this time. (Gee, seems like I've been saying that about everything this time!) Friday night I was up until 3 because of it. It's now 2:10 AM and here I am blogging. If you've never experienced RLS, it's the most annoying and awful sensation. I just lay in bed constantly moving my legs and feet, trying to make the sensation stop. Finally, I have no choice but to get up and walk around because it alleviates the discomfort. I decided to read some more about RLS when I got online just now. Something I've done before but I thought I'd refresh my memory. And I'm glad I did. Turns out an iron deficiency can worsen your RLS symptoms. Hmm...I'm anemic this pregnancy, and I haven't been taking my iron supplement because it makes me sick. Maybe that's why it's been so bad lately! Guess I really do have no choice but to start back on the iron tomorrow.

Enough of my complaining...

Here are some pictures of Emma making a mess in the house. As you can see in the first picture, she obviously got into a box of tissues when I wasn't looking! For the record, to reach this box of tissues she had to climb up on the couch and get them off the ledge. And all those toys? Yeah...that's what my family room looks like on a daily basis. :)


In 9 short days Renee will be here! So excited to see her. I'm really looking forward to a fun weekend of talking, scrapbooking, relaxing and picture taking.

Wednesday, I'll be 33 weeks. We've started getting ready for the baby. The first step obviously was getting Emma in her new room, which went off without a hitch. See this page The nursery has been cleaned and purged of Emma's items. Baby clothes have been washed and put away. This week I'll be getting the bouncy seat, etc all out and ready to go.

Nesting has completely set in. I'm actually starting to panic. I've had all these things I've wanted to do and kept putting off. Now I know I really need to get them done because once the baby is here there isn't going to be a lot of spare time. So I've made my list and am slowly checking items off. Am I going to get them all done? Probably not. But I'll make a good effort!

Time to go do some laundry and maybe by then, sleep will come!
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Marie said...

yuck yuck yuck...hope you can sleep soon! and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE RENEE!!!

Rebekah said...

sorry to hear about your RLS. hope it calms down a bit so you can get some sleep, my friend! and so jealous of renee's visit to you!! you guys are going to have a bLasT!!! can't wait to see photos & hear all about it!
in the meantime, hide the kleenex from emma...LOL! :)