Friday, July 06, 2007


She's rotten. Seriously. But in a really cute, adorable and hard-not-to-laugh way.

Example #1

July 4th, at Michael's cousin's house, playing in the gravel near the swing set. We're sitting there and I'm thinking how impressed I am that Emma hasn't tried to eat the stones. Instead she was just digging in them with a spoon, moving them around, etc. Not long after thinking this, she looks up at me with this look on her face I can only describe as....rotten. Then she grabbed a fistful of rocks and quickly shoved them in her mouth. I said no, got them out of her mouth and she laughed. She then grabbed another handful. I smacked her hand and she laughed again. And we did this at least two more times. Then she got another fistful in her mouth, totally grinning at me the whole time. We then left the play area and she wasn't allowed in the rocks again. This did not make her happy and caused her to throw a fit or two when I wouldn't let her near them. See, rotten. Oh, and the worst is how funny it was. It's really hard to discipline when all you want to do is laugh.

Example #2.

July 5th, in her crib. I was with my friend Stacey helping her register for her first baby and Michael and Emma were here at home. Michael needed to get in the shower so he put Emma in her crib with some toys. When he got out she'd thrown out her toys and was having fun just jumping. When he went in to see her she'd started spitting. Now she gets in these spitting phases and what a mess. Slobber down her chin, onto her shirt - it's a mess. So Michael told her no. She spit again. He smacked her hand and said no again (oh, I should mention, we barely hit her hand, honestly, it's more like a love tap. Obviously, since she just thinks it's funny!) She spits, he smacks and says no, repeat. Then she does the unthinkable. She spits...then holds our her hand for him to smack!!! I'm telling you - rotten! He then gave up, turned out the light and shut the door. :)

I'm sure Example #3 will happen soon!

4th of July was fun. I was really hoping for rain as we need it badly but we didn't really get any, just a few drops. Thankfully though it was mostly overcast so it wasn't too hot. The kids were on the slip-n-slide though so we thought we'd give it a try with Emma. She was only interested in the water that comes up the side to get it wet. Oh, how she loved this. In fact, at one point she was using the red plastic spoon (which she carried around for over 2 hours!) to drink the water. My crazy kid

I had my monthly checkup today and all is well with the baby. The blood tests I had done last month all came back normal. I'm 22 weeks, 2 days - thanks goodness only 18 more to go! And if he schedules my c-section early (something I'm certainly not opposed to) it could be 17 weeks to go.

Michael took a new coaching postition. He's no longer the freshamn boys basketball coach. He's now the boys varsity assistant, something that I think he's really going to like. A good change, I think.

Only 3 weeks and a few days until I leave for Colorado. I'm going to visit my friend Ashlie for a few days then Renee before flying back home. I'm really excited about seeing Ashlie as it's been 2 1/2 years and finally meeting Renee! But I know I'm going to be a mess when I leave. I've never been away from Emma except for one night, and even then it was only from 10 pm until noon the next day. But, I know once I'm there I'll have a good time. And hopefully I won't be too homesick!


Renee said...

she is too adorable to be rotten :-)

Darcy said...

oh my gosh. Her piggies. LOVE THEM!!! And I'm with Renee.. she's way too cute to be rotten!