Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November round-up

So, I’ve pretty much ignored most of November. I guess I need to do a recap.
Some highlights this month:

*Emma turned 9 months old.
*She waves and claps. She waves all the time, at herself quite often, when she's eating.
*She claps! In the cutest way, too. She takes her right hand and pats the top of her left hand.
*And speaking of patting, she pats everything! The couch, us, the bathtub, highchair, stairs. It's cute.
*She’s a speedy crawler, now. I love the sound of her crawling on the kitchen floor.
*She’s climbing stairs. It seems to be her favorite activity. Especially if Michael chases her. She climbs up a couple, looks back to make sure Michael is there, then squeals and climbs up another step.
*She loves to pull herself up to stand. She crawls under the kitchen table and uses the chairs quite often. She also likes to use us to pull herself up. She’s starting to “cruise” a little bit.
*She got a nice big bruise on her cheek the day she turned 9 months old. Which also happened to be a day before her check-up. Apparently the bumpers only work if you put them on the fireplace, not leave them in the box sitting on top. They were promptly applied.

*Because of said bruise, we didn’t get 9 month pictures done. We’re getting Christmas pictures taken in a couple weeks though. I did try to take 9 month pictures myself. Didn’t work out so well as you can see.

*Emma got a cool new toy, it's right up her dad’s alley.

*Celebrated Emma’s first Thanksgiving at Michael’s parents’ house. It was a really nice day and we had a good time. Emma sat in the high chair that Michael and both his brothers used when they were babies. Pretty cool.

*I went shopping on Black Friday with my mom and sister. I've got 4 people done - very excited about that.
*We (meaning Michael, mostly) put up our lights and I’ve got the Christmas decorations out. I’ve got one more room to do. We’re getting our tree this Saturday.

*Emma finally likes food!!! She’s eating the fruit puffs and cheerios. She’s also eaten turkey, veggies and bread.
*Michael and I attended his 15-year class reunion. We bowled. Love bowling. I had sore bowler's thumb the next day though. I swear, it's an actual condition
*Emma took a bath in the tub tonight without the safer bather baby tub for the first time. She loves bathtime. Splashing, crawling, playing with the toys.
*Another attempt at getting a picture of her, this time in her 9-month shirt. Didn't work. But it's funny.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Definitely not a fan of the leaves

So yesterday we decided to put Emma in a pile of leaves. I thought it'd make for some cute pictures. Yeah. She's not a fan. The instant her butt touched the pile she started to cry. Big fat tears rolling down her face. Then Michael got in the leaves with her, holding her so she wasn't actually sitting on any leaves. Yeah, didn't work. She absolutely hated it. It was a good idea though, right?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Our little pumpkin

While we didn't take Emma trick-or-treating, we did put her in her adorable pumpkin costume to hand out candy. She didn't mind it, she even wore the hat most of the time. She did have a little trouble crawling, as the pumpkin belly got in the way and the pants made her slip around on the floor.

Here's our little pumpkin:

Standing with the help of Daddy.

In the candy already.

(note: she didn't eat any!)